Our Siberian husky kennel

located in Kazakhstan,
in the beautiful city of Almaty.

Here, among the high snow-covered mountains and boundless steppes enjoy the life of our favorite pets.

 All dogs our kennel profit from the different countries. They have the blood of the famous kennels of the world: 

Kristari's (USA), Foxfire (South Africa),
Karnovanda's (USA), Snowmist's (Canada),
Innisfree (USA), Hydrargium (Slovenia),
Eskimoski Domek (Poland),
Sheytan 's Beauty (France), Arktogea (Poland), Ebonyshadow's (Canada).


And we are glad to acquaint You with them on pages of a site of kennel "MY BLESS".
  Here You can learn about the four inhabitants of our "shaggy" of the family, about the upcoming litters, and on awards and achievements of our dogs. As well as about the conditions of the Siberian husky, breed standard, and many others.


Our dogs are fed only forages of super premium class, are kept in spacious open-air cage with free range and actively go in for sports. A lot of the time they spend in our house, as it is a full member of our family. Thus we may enjoy communion with them, to study their nature and receive a lot of love and tenderness of our four-legged friends, giving them his own in return. 

With the advent of our husky life
completely changed, became more vivid, rich and fascinating!
Husky unite all of our family!




All our dogs - it is work, hope and soul of the breeders, who grew and entrusted them to us, therefore, with great warmth express
THANKS to All of YOU!
Thank you
Svetlana Seregina and Julia Aleksandrovich for our first swallow Gabriella,
Vlada Tsitsak for the gentler Sayuri,
Bartosz Staszek for the star of the Pani and
Тeresa Radomska to a handsome Bambo!